English with series – Prison Break (season 5)

Prison Break season 5 will end tonight, but there is no reason why you should stop watching it!

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We recomend you to follow the steps in the video. First watch the scene, then watch it part by part understanding the main vocabulary. In the end it would be a good idea for you to watch it again, without pausing. If you decide to keep the subtitles or turn them off is up to you (your decision). 

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English with series - Prison Break

What do you expect from the last episode? This season was way too short for my taste. There are still too many things to happen, too many questions without an answer.

I only started watching the series about a month ago. So, of course I binge-watched it in a couple of weeks so that I was ready and waiting for the revival. Would you like to hear my opinion on the first 4 seasons and improve your listening in the process? Just click HERE and listen to our podcast about Prison Break.